About search.social

search.social is a search engine for the public posts and profiles of the Fediverse, a federated social network.

Public posts are gathered from the network from multiple collectors and indexed for search.

Made and ran by @href@pleroma.fr, mailto:href@random.sh.

Opting Out

There’s multiple ways of opting out to the index:

  • Recommended/best way: set your account non indexable (meta tags),

    • On Mastodon, this is the Opt-out of search engine indexing setting in Preferences > Other
  • In your search.social account settings,
  • Instance admins can:

    • On Mastodon, in Site Settings, check Opt users out of search engine indexing by default
    • Alternatively, (but not recommended), put an instance-wide restrictive robots.txt.

Posts from non reachable instances will be removed from the index after around three months.

Opt-outs and deletions can take up to 48 hours to be effective in the search index.