Gaceta de la LNP

:lnp:—1884 daily summary (4/24 GOTD) #ConquistadoresGUY #GuabalerosCOM

After the early dominance of the Conquistadores behind pitchers like Efraín González and Fernando Balderrama, it is sometimes satisfying to watch a more modern team do their thing with them.

Your :lnp: Game of the Day for 4/24:

#GuabalerosCOM vs. #ConquistadoresGUY:

RF D. Torres, 3B A. Guerrero, PH/P O. Galván, CF R. Castillo, LF F. Vélez, 1B M. Acuña, 2B J. Pérez, RF D. Torres (COM) score 5 H, 3 2B, 3B, 8 R (top 12th).

COM wins, 17-9.

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Gaceta de la LNP

:lnp:—1884 daily summary (4/17 GOTD) #GuabalerosCOM #TitanesMOR

My absolute favorite genre of game is the one where a pitcher gets so tired of his team's failure that he decides to do the whole thing himself.

In that spirit, your :lnp: Game of the Day for 4/17:

#GuabalerosCOM vs. #TitanesMOR:

P D. Lerma (MOR) shuts out COM on 4 hits, 11 IP, 1 BB, 13 K.

P D. Lerma (MOR) scores on walk-off RBI single from 2B W. Enciso (bot 11th).

MOR wins, 1-0.

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